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Swim Spa Reviews

How do you know the swim spa reviews you read on the Internet or in a brochure are real? The only way to ensure an honest review is to speak to a real person who owns one. If you would like to hear what real customers have to say about any Arctic Spas™ product simply contact us: We will give your contact information to a couple real customers in your area and ask them to tell you their honest opinion about their purchase. Its free and easy, no obligation and no high-pressure sales tactics.

We think our brand of swim spa is second to none. The best place to learn about the brand, features, models, and pricing is here on the ‘swim spas’ page.

Swimming Pool Reviews

“We love our swimming pool, but I’m sure glad I won the lottery last year to pay for it and all the ongoing maintenance.” -The Jones Family

Seriously, traditional swimming pools are becoming exclusive to the super rich. Swim spas are a much more practical and popular option. Now that premium brand swim spas are available, physical beauty does not have to be sacrificed for function. Instead of short seasonal use and excessive ongoing maintenance, premium swim spas offer year round enjoyment in any climate, swimming, exercise, relaxation, and low running costs.

Forget about traditional swimming pool reviews. Contact us for pricing, details, and the location of an Arctic Spas™ swim spa dealer near you. Many of our customers who purchased a swim spa were originally shopping for an above ground pool. After learning about the numerous disadvantages of traditional swimming pools and reading online above ground pool reviews, they discovered the benefits of owning a swim spa.

Swim spas offer 12 months of enjoyment, swimming, exercise, relaxation, and much lower running costs compared to traditional above ground pools. The Arctic Ocean™ swim spa by Arctic Spas™ is far superior to any above ground pool. Browse the features, contact a dealer near you, or request a phone call from us right now.