The Feature Rich Family Spa

Classic Series

The Aurora is a feature rich family spa with seating up to six.

Featuring ergonomic seating design with variation of depth and width, the Aurora’s seating layout surrounds a spacious footwell.

The Aurora is equipped with modern, top skimming filtration and 20 therapeutic jets provide high quality massage and fun.

Water Volume: 341 US Gallons / 1291 Litres

Choose your spa jet configuration

Variations on the model include these options below:


Hot Tub Jets

20 Jets

1 Pump (4 HP 220V)

Standard Features

Arctic Spas come with a range of features as standard! Click any of the features below to find out more about them!

Self-Supporting Elastocast Shell


FreeHeat™ Perimeter Insulation System


Vacseal Cover (4”-2”)

Infinite Telescopic Filtration Weirs


Classic No-Maintenance Cabinet

Digital Spa Pack and Self-Diagnostic Topside Control


Custom Features

The custom options available for this tub.

Stainless Steel Jet Upgrade


Aquanova UV/CD Ozonation


In.Touch Internet Control


Vacseal Cover (5”-4”)

Classic Lighting Package


Classic Sound Package